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Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

model. 2020 Toyota Sienna
price. $32,685 L (incl $1,120 destination)
as tested. $47,434 SE Premium (incl dest)
top trim: $50,460 Limited Premium AWD (incl dest)
seating/style. 6-7-passenger/four-door minivan
powertrain. 3.5L V-6 engine
transmission. 8-speed automatic
driveline. RWD, AWD available
fuel economy. 18/24/20
available. now
words. Nicole Wakelin
visuals. Toyota

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If you’re reading about a minivan, you probably have kids. Or pets. Or both. Or lots of stuff to haul around. Or all of the above. And that’s OK. This is a lifestyle choice judgment-free zone (we’re reviewing products so it’s not entirely judgment free, obvs).

The Sienna is a fine looking minivan, with the requisite electronic sliding doors, easy ingress and egress, and room for a lot of people and cargo. However, it is in need of an update, because the seats do not fold flat into the floor nor stow completely out of the way as is the case in key competitors.

The Sienna is the only van offering AWD, which is often sacrificed for the aforementioned flat stowage. Ride and handling is quite good, and the van itself is comfortable for all passengers. The infotainment system is not state of the art, but there’s a useful amount of safety features and storage on board.

If you’re looking for a good in-town people hauler, consider the Sienna. If you’re looking for long-haul drives, consider something with a more up-to-date technology package to keep back seat passengers entertained.

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