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Mercedes-AMG GTC Roadster

Mercedes-AMG GTC Roadster

Mercedes-AMG GTC Roadster

model. 2020 Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster
price. $162,400
as tested. $162,400
seating/style. 2-passenger/roadster
powertrain. AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo
transmission. AMG 7-speed DCT
driveline. RWD
fuel economy. TBA
available. summer 2019
words. Rebecca Lindland
visuals. Rebecca Lindland

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The Mercedes-AMG GT C convertible is like an English bulldog: muscular, wide, low to the ground, and as appealing. The satin matte paint is the blue of Superman’s cape. I slide into the GTC with surprising ease considering its low-slung appearance, and the authentic luxury that is Mercedes surrounds me and my passenger.

Roaring the V8 biturbo engine to life, we seamlessly lower the convertible roof, secretly wishing the button was one-touch. The sunshine pouring in highlights the gorgeous topstitching, camel-colored Nappa leather, and carbon-fiber detailing of this exquisite interior, a combination of modern amenities and timeless design.

I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the steering wheel, where a pair of multi-functional toggles and sensors are intuitive. Storage is definitely tight, so downsize your in-cabin gear if possible. There’s enough room in the trunk for carry-on bags.

Any Mercedes-AMG is about the performance, and this pup hauls like a bag of treats await. The GTC’s 550-horses cannot wait to run, and do so in a true, straight line, the sticky Michelin Pilots providing plenty of confidence on the road or in turns. Suspension is comfortable for New York throughways, stiffening up for pretty parkways in Sport+. Barking good fun.

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