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Genesis G90 RWD

Genesis G90 RWD

Genesis G90 RWD

model. 2020 Genesis G90
price. $72,200 (excl $995 dest)
top trim: $78,200 (G90 5.0 Ultimate)
seating/style. 5-passenger/sedan
powertrain. 3.3-liter twin turbo 6-cylinder, (365-hp) or 5.0-liter V-8 (420 hp)
transmission. 8-speed automatic
driveline. RWD, AWD avail
fuel economy. 17/25 (V-6), 15/23 (V-8)
available. Now
words. Rebecca Lindland
visuals. Rebecca Lindland

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The Genesis G90 is a growing rarity in today’s new car market: a passenger-focused full size luxury sedan with a huge backseat. This latest G90 “dynamic” refresh has an enormous grille and an upscale rear, with the Genesis name spelled out instead of the winged badge logo.

The G90 has either a 3.3-liter twin turbo V-6 or 5.0-liter V-8. Surprisingly, there was very little difference in the driving dynamics or power of either engine, so opt for the V-6 for better fuel economy.

The G90’s cabin features sumptuously lined leather, open pore wood, discreet touches of bright and matte chrome. The intuitive infotainment system features the latest tech. But there’s a lack of warmth and an anonymity preventing an emotional tie to the interior, unlike the Audi A8 or Mercedes S-Class.

Driving the G90 is an exercise in floatiness, a quiet, cloud-like cocoon in a puffy, white netherworld. While the G90 took turns in a precise manner, it lacked the athletic connection to the road offered in other sedans like the Audi A8 I drove last year. This is really a car best suited for limo fleets and Korean executives rather than an owner looking to spice up his/her luxury commute.

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