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Genesis G90 AWD

Genesis G90 AWD

Genesis G90 AWD

model. 2020 Genesis G90 AWD
price. $73,195 (incl $995 dest)
as tested. $75,695 (incl dest)
seating/style. 5-passenger/4-door large sedan
powertrain. 3.3L V-6 with 365 hp
transmission. 8-speed automatic
driveline. AWD tested; RWD available
fuel economy. 17/25/30 city/highway/combined (AWD)
available. now
words. Rebecca Lindland
visuals. Rebecca Lindland

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Large black luxury sedans are ubiquitous where I live near New York City, so when a black 2020 Genesis G90 AWD arrived at my house, I feared I'd spent the week fending off Uber users. The G90 sports an enormous grille and handsome, stately lines, reflecting its primary use as a limousine in its home Korean market. There’s an undeniable presence about the G90 which translates to the road.

Inside the G90, those stately lines continue, with soft, diamond-quilted leather, detailed topstitching, and high-quality finishes all making me wish I was dressed up every time I’m in it. The large infotainment screen adds modernity to the elegance, with Android Auto (and available Apple CarPlay) working seamlessly, although the USB-supported system prefers the original cord.

On the road, the G90 is large and in charge. The wide, low carriage could benefit from a bit of sport, but there’s a confidence in the ride that is reassuring. It’s not a sport sedan; it’s a full size luxury car and it drives like one. What the G90 doesn’t have is a full size luxury car price tag. At $75,000, it’s a veritable bargain versus the competition.

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