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2020 Porsche Taycan

model. 2020 Porsche Taycan

price. Turbo $153,310

as tested. Turbo S $187,610

seating/style. 4/5-passenger/4-door sedan

battery. Lithium-ion with 93.4 kWh (396 individual cells)

gearbox. Two-speed

transmission. Single-speed front; Two-speed rear

driveline. Dual motor AWD

range. About 225-270 mile range (TBC)

combined output. 670 or 750 hp

available. soon

also shop: Tesla Model S

The track looms invitingly ahead. The pro driver says, “Are you ready?” At my affirmation he launches the electric Porsche Taycan sedan and I’m pressed hard against the seat, my stomach left somewhere at the start line as upwards of 750 horses (560 kW) are unleashed. Ready or not, here comes the Taycan, hitting 60 MPH in 2.6 seconds and your local Porsche dealer soon.


The 800 volt battery of the Taycan is a production-vehicle first and estimated range is over 225 miles for multiple days of typical driving. The fast charging time is just five minutes for about 62 miles and 22 minutes for 80% charge. Electrify America continues to build out stations across the U.S. for fast charging access.


The sleek, dynamic lines of the Taycan’s exterior is all Porsche but unlike recent models, the interior has few buttons. Instead, a wide, curved digital dash with multiple screens, including a unique passenger side option, serves the occupants. The interface is all new; however, Porsche only offers Apple CarPlay. Opt for the huge fixed glass roof for a panoramic experience.


The Taycan sedan is all electric, all performance, all Porsche. That other luxury EV brand better be ready.

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