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Honda Civic Sedan Sport
2019 Honda Civic Sedan

model. 2019 Honda Civic 2.0L 4D Sport

price. $22,070

as tested. $22,070 (incl dest)

seating/style. 4/5-passenger/4-door sedan

powertrain. 2.0-liter i-VTEC 4 cylinder

transmission. Six-speed manual (or CVT)

driveline. FWD

fuel economy. 25/36

available. now

also shop: Mazda3, Toyota Corolla

The bright “rallye red” 2019 Honda Civic begs to be driven. I open the door, delighted it’s equipped with Honda’s excellent six-speed manual. I snuggle into sculptured seats, making the usual adjustments, connect to Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay) with ease, and I’m on my way.


The Civic’s low-slung, wide stance provides a fully engaging driving experience, hugging curvy roads and diving into turns like a pro, the seats providing good support for the maneuvers. The 18” all-season tires grip on dry pavement with confidence. The clutch is smooth, the gears responsive, enthusiastically running up the RPMs……


Uh oh. Maybe a little too enthusiastic with a red and blue light show in my mirror. Fortunately, I’m off with a friendly warning (“You’re just breaking it in, right?”) and the Civic and I are on our slightly more restrained way.


I take the moment to appreciate the work Honda’s done quieting the Civic’s cabin, admiring the soft-touch surfaces of this sport model. Accented topstitching and trim provide an upscale and race-inspired feel. The ergonomics are well-designed, making the Civic’s infotainment system intuitive and easy to use.


The Civic continues to be such a great value, great experience, great fun. $22,070 delivered.

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